A car accident - at least, the jarring motion inherent in a crash - increases the pain.


Sometimes Percocet isn't enough, either.


Things I've Learned Since Developing Vulvodynia

I want to write something in depth about why I'm blogging about this, what I hope to achieve in doing so, and to chronicle my {cough} journey through dealing with this condition, but right now I'm in pain, and I'm pissed off, and I want to vent.

So...here's an angry list. I'll write something useful another time.

(1) It's one thing to blog about vulvodynia, and another thing entirely to do so on the blog your extended family and spouse's coworkers read. Hence, a separate blog.

(2) Significant and constant pain in the genitals induces anger. The random "spikes" of extra pain might induce madness. The jury is still out on that one.

(3) People in the grocery store who park their carts sideways across an aisle and then wander around looking for marshmallows or Cream of Wheat or whatever are in serious danger of bodily injury. Okay, that annoyed me before vulvodynia, but not to the point where I fantasized about ramming their carts with my own.

(4) Vicodin is sometimes not enough.

(5) Things are not going well when you start crying on a public toilet, just because the stall door is closed and no one can see you.

(6) Health care professionals all (so far) seem to agree that there is no way a similar condition for men would have "unknown causes."