Crossdressing, Anyone?

About six weeks ago, I bought men's underwear, for myself. It was a different experience from buying underwear for my husband. (I'm at Target more often. Who needs expensive underwear, anyway?) I bought boxer briefs thinking they would not push on anything. It was better than women's underwear, but felt weird because they moved around so much. The improvement wasn't enough to make up for all the squirming, so I quit wearing them. I was also too self-conscious to wear them under anything but a roomy dress, so they weren't worth it. Today, after I'd run out of vicodin for the second time in 12 days (back to that in another post), I was at Target picking up said narcotic and went for full-on boxers. I went up one size and bought traditional boxers...though with a button fly. It matters. I can still wear them under only a mu mu, but it does make a significant difference. No pressure on the bits that hurt. They do move around a lot. I was wondering how men who wear boxers put up with that until I realized they're not wearing dresses (the ones who are probably don't wear boxers), and I imagine pants hold them in place better.