Oxycontin Decrease

At my last med appointment, I asked my NP to decrease my oxycontin back down to 10 mg 3x daily. It's too damn expensive - went way up six weeks ago for no apparent reason (it was an increase of 24%, if I remember correctly). It's not that we can't afford it. We can. It squeezes other things, but I don't think the benefit I realized was worth the cost differential. I doubt oxy would make a significant dent in the pain unless I took a high enough dose that I couldn't function. I would rather function. You know, most days.

I fucking hate the pharmaceutical companies.

Hypericum Perforatum (Common St. John's Wort)

No idea if I ought to expect anything, but I am trying it. I expect the worst thing that could happen is some gastro-intestinal upset. Big deal. If I expect nothing, maybe I will be surprised?