This is a wildly unreasonable amount of pain. I would go to the hospital if I had any reason to expect to be taken seriously, but the one time - the one time in seven years of constant pain - that I went to the ER because of increased pain that I could not tolerate, the first thing the ER doctor said to me was "We can't give you anything intravenously." Being a chronic pain patient in the ER for pain is not a positive experience.

I don't actually know what it feels like to be simultaneously impaled rectally and vaginally, but that's the best description I can give. It woke me last night, and the pain was so intense I thought I would vomit. In the morning, it had calmed some but was still far above my average of 7 on all of our favorite pain scale. Since 9:00 this morning, it has fluctuated between that and "someone is shoving the spike farther up my rectum." It is truly not okay.

Why is it that I do not have something to take that simply knocks me out on the infrequent occasions this happens?

My state needs to allow medical marijuana. Or medical cartoon anvils to the head.