And Now For Something Completely Different

Some people cannot allow themselves to be helped even though they are begging to be helped, and I have to understand and remember that.


Blatant Call to Know I am Not Alone

Anyone out there reading this also have pain (not discomfort, though that sucks **** too), but outright pain all the time? Just ALL THE FUCKING TIME? No matter what?

Things I Want to Post About But Am Not Ready to Write About Yet


-My emotional state

-How this particular pain affects my work with my patients

I thought there was more. Huh. Maybe it'll come back to me later. Maybe Phineas & Ferb can build an Improve-Your-Memory-Even-On-Narcotics Machine. Ya think, Lora?

Update to "Right Direction"

The ligament distraction worked in that it decreased pain a bit for 1-2 days each of the about six times we did it. My doc has me in PT now, where we did pelvic floor massage. Not MUCH, mind you, and the pain has been significantly worse since then - nine days ago. Jesus Christ. PT said if this is too much, we'll go back to ligament distraction. I really just want to scream.

Yesterday, the NP I saw at the pain clinic (my daughter says I need an "anti-pain clinic") increased the oxycontin. Very despairing.