State of Things/Anyone Know the Gynecologist in Chicago Area?

Higher pain level lately. Hard to tolerate psychologically. It's tough not to hide in my bed with an ice pack and retreat.

I have made an appointment to see Dr. Andrew Goldstein in Washington, DC in late April. When I told the NP who manages my pain meds that this morning, he was encouraging and said there is another man who is known in the (small) circle of people who treat pelvic pain competently - one in the Chicago area (might decrease travel cost, as I could drive there instead of flying). He's tracking down the name for me, but doesn't have it yet. He thought it was "Fong" or something like that. Anyone happen to know?




I didn't realize it yesterday, but noticed this morning that 1/11/11 is the fourth anniversary of the sudden onset of constant, intense pain.