Where's My Pain Decrease?

It seems only fair that if I increase my pain meds by 50%, the pain should decrease by an equal amount. Stupid world. My cognitive clarity has decreased by about 30%. I would take that much less pain. I'm willing to negotiate!

On My Treatment at the U of MN


I saw Angie Brucker in the pain management department at the U - I didn't see someone who was trying to treat the problem (i.e., trying to resolve the underlying issue). I recommend steering clear of her. My experience with her was that she was interested in getting me off pain medication while advising me to seek more therapy (I see my analyst twice weekly) with their therapist and just accept that "sometimes people have to go to work when they're sick." After all, she goes to work when she is sick sometimes.


Dr. Frank Tu

The doc in the Chicago area to whom I referred in my last post is Dr. Frank Tu.

I am not certain this is his most recent contact information, as I have not yet looked into seeing him. He's not terribly far from me (at least I would not have to fly), so he's next on my list, after Goldstein. Based on internet discussion of Goldstein, I may wish I had gone in reverse order, but I figure I'll end up with both of them some time or another, so perhaps order isn't terribly important.

We increased my pain meds by 50% yesterday (from 10 mg oxycontin X 3/day to 15 mg x 3/day), so I may be less coherent than I think I am. I am sleepy and sad and I want to go home.