About Dr. Andrew Goldstein

I already posted this as a comment in response to Claudia's question about my experience with Dr. Goldstein in Washington, D.C. So if you've read that, this contains nothing new.

I really liked him. He's got about a 50% bad rap online, if one searches around, but I went anyway. I have so much pain I decided it doesn't matter if he's a complete ass, so long as he doesn't hurt me unnecessarily. Maybe he's an asshat who can help, right?

But...I liked him. A lot. He's quite direct, very bright and knowledgeable, and he doesn't screw around. He knew I wasn't coming to him for treatment - just for direction, and he didn't try to "sell" me on having him personally do any of the things he recommended. He was empathetic about the pain and my anger and despair around it without being "mushy." The man hugged me in the hallway as I was leaving. (It felt, and was, appropriate.) He spent a good deal of time with me. Hardly an ass.

Now, if one went to see him wanting only to hear what one "wants" to hear, then he'll come across as bossy/pushy/arrogant. He talks fast and doesn't talk "down" (maybe because I'm a professional and talk like I am, but maybe he talks to everyone like that, and some people experience it as arrogance or showing off?) Don't expect to be treated like a child or royalty, and you'll appreciate him for treating you like a patient with awful pain who has tried lots of things and doctors already.

I actually asked him about his reputation online, in the middle of the exam portion of my visit. Hard to believe I did that, but I was really liking him, so I asked what he thought it was about. His thoughts matched mine, though he added one thing. He said his wife (a dermatologist) once told him that if he was going to specialize in something so narrow, where there is a handful at best of treatment possibilities, he'd "damned well better be the best at it." Maybe that's arrogance, he said, but he figured if he could not be the best at this, he should do something else. I can appreciate that.


Husband said...


I'm glad you had a positive experience and your feedback hit exactly what my wife and I thought of him as well. He is very direct and he really knows his stuff. The only thing we did differently is that we are having him treat my wife. She will be going out to see him for I think the 5th time since we started seeing him. Dr. G plus the physical therapist she is seeing (local to us in the twin cities metro) have gotten her to a much better spot then she had been in for the last 11 years. We have had a bit of regression on the pain side recently but the PT says her tissue is looking the best she has seen it in since she has been seeing my wife, so a little bit of a positive. But I, like you, really want to get to the point that all this pain is just a distant memory.

By the way I don't know if I mentioned that my wife did see a specialist at the U of M to see if she could get local treatment vs the expense of going to DC every time she needs to see her doc and after she called Dr G with the recommendation and she said he could hardly even talk (not normal for him at all) and then responded that what was recommended was the primary cause of the pain in the first place, and that he was disgusted that the doc would have even have even recommended that as a treatment.

Good luck and I hope Dr G has given you a good direction to move you forward.

Anonymous said...


If one of the recommended tx's (from Dr. G, not the U of MN) was intravaginal Botox injections, I have the name of someone local who supposedly will do that. I haven't contacted him yet, so I don't know if it's true or what it's like, etc., but at least it's a start).

What was the tx that made Goldstein so upset?

I'm really glad your wife is finding some relief. I can't recall: what were her dx's from Goldstein? He confirmed PN for me, and added vulvodynia (no shock) and said that at this point, the muscles and fascia were causing at least as much trouble as the bad nerve.

Oh, and so I know to avoid, who was the doctor at the U?


Husband said...


Botox is not on the table at least not at this point. My wife has done that in the past and it helped but she is getting her muscles in shape via PT. But who knows after her next Dr G appointment it may be, so I'll keep you in mind if it turns out she needs it.

The U of M doc wanted to put my wife back on BC and wanted to switch her from an estrogen/testosterone topical cream to just estrogen.

So is botox the route Dr G thinks you should go? I'm glad it turned out to be a positive experience for you, it is quite an undertaking financially, emotionally, the time wise to go see him.

Best of luck.

I'll have to look up who the doc was at the U of M, it has been a while and I didn't have the chance to go with to that appointment so the name isn't sticking with me.

Also as a side note, on a random off chance I was working from home yesterday and I decided to take a break and grab a snack and turned on the TV and on Dr Oz there was Dr G sitting there talking about estrogen loss after 40 and vaginal pain! I don't know if the full show was worth watching but it was just odd that on a random instance to catch him on TV.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate! Thanks for your input. At the end I decided to see other doctor instead because $1500 was out of my budget. I did therapy for 6 months coupled with diet modifications and I'm doing better. I tried hormone replacement, but I felt really anxious, so i decided to step back and I'm now using herbs with progesterone effects, and that has helped. It's been hard for me to figure this out too. Claudia

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