Hypericum Perforatum (Common St. John's Wort)

No idea if I ought to expect anything, but I am trying it. I expect the worst thing that could happen is some gastro-intestinal upset. Big deal. If I expect nothing, maybe I will be surprised?


Karen Vaughan said...

St. John's wort is a traditional herb for nerve pain (depression is a new use.) You can get it in tincture and oil forms as well as in capsules. Capsules are less effective because your tongue cannot signal the body that the herbs are coming. (Taste is not merely aesthetic, plus the herb can get into your lymph in the tongue and throat.) Teas aren't that useful because the most important constituents don't dissolve well in water. Topical use, especially of the oil form can be quite useful since it targets the pain. Internal use can reduce the clearance time for medications that need to hang out in the liver.

Kate said...

It was completely useless.